TinyTask Lets you Record and Play Screencast

TinyTask is a very tiny freeware using which you can quickly record and play screencast. As the name suggests, the program is very tiny and is only 32k in size out of which around 14k are being occupied by icons. The program lets you quickly record screencast and playback. Screencast are very useful when you want to explain something to your friends or an audience. Instead of downloading or installing a professional screencast maker, you can quickly make one using this free tool.

Just run the program, hit the ‘Record’ button and the program will begin recording. After you are done with your recoding, hit the stop button and you can ‘playback’ what you have recorded and save the recording. It also allows you to save the recording as an exe file which you can then share with your friends. The small program also offers certain options like modifying the play speed, repeat count, continuous playback etc.

The program requires no installation and you can run it directly. If you frequently record screencast, then this is a must have tool. It is a freeware and runs on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.