Syncless is a Nice Tag Based File Synchronization Tool

Syncless is a freeware file synchronization tool using which you can synchronize files between two or more locations. I have reviewed a lot of File Synchronizations tools here but what makes Syncless different is that it uses a tag based synchronization which you won’t find in any other program. Instead of specifying the folders that you want to synchronize, you start by creating a tag and then selecting that folders that you want to synchronize under this tag.

Though it may seem a bit unclear to use at first, the user guides helps you in understanding it. After creating the tag and selecting the folders, you can hit the ‘Preview’ button. It will then analyze the folders and will show you all the changes that it will make after synchronization. You can then perform a manual scan or change the setting to ‘Seamless’ which will synchronize the tagged folders automatically without any interaction from the user. You can also include or exclude files based on certain wildcard patterns, thus making it possible to synchronize only a part of the folders. Syncless can also resolve any potential conflicts that can arise on its own rather than waiting for user response. If you are worried that your files may get accidently lost, you will be pleased to know that Syncless also keeps archived copies of all the changed or deleted files so that they can be referred in case of any accidental deletion or changes. You can also perform sync with removable or network drives. The program also maintains application as well as File System and Synchronization logs.

Syncless is one of the best and unique File Synchronization program that i have come across. The program is also portable and you can run it directly without installation. It is a freeware and runs on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 and requires .Net Framework 3.5.