BattCursor is a Nice Battery Monitor for Windows

If you are too obsessed with your Laptop battery power and tired of always having to look at  the system tray to check the battery level, then BattCursor is the perfect tool for you. It is a freeware which shows you the available battery power directly below the mouse cursor so that you can see it every time. Apart from this, it also contains host of other battery saving features which every laptop user will find useful.

You can change the colour of battery cursor, make it display yellow when battery level is low or make it red when the battery level gets critical. There are also a lot of different functions which can save the battery power. It can automatically turn of Aero effects and sidebar when the battery level reaches low or it can be used to switch to different power profile. You can also configure it to dim your backlight when battery power reaches a certain level and you can also exclude programs that will prevent the backlight from dimming while those programs are running. It can also be integrated with the sidebar and it also gives you a detailed battery information.

If you are a laptop user, i recommend you give this a try. The program is a freeware and runs on Windows Vista and Windows 7 and requires .Net Framework 2.