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9 Free Utilities To Delete Files Permanently From Your Computer

Hitting the delete button or cleaning up the recycle bin doesn’t actually delete the files from your Computer, it only removes the reference of the file from the file system table. They can be easily recovered using any recovery program. This can sometimes pose serious privacy issues if you are selling your hard drive or […]

Backup Your Gmail Account with Gmail Backup

Gmail Backup is a freeware which allows you to take a backup of your Gmail Account and store it on your local computer. It can download all your email messages and save them to local computer as .EML files. Out Gmail accounts contains a lot of important mails so it is essential we take a […]

Perform Tasks when Your PC is Idle with System Silencer

System Silencer is a freeware that can perform simple actions whenever the computer has been idle for a defined number of minutes. Sometimes when you leave off in a hurry while working on your Computer, you forget to close the applications, files etc that you have been working on. System Silencer can be used to […]

Dictionary.Net is a Free Dictionary and Translation Tool

Dictionary.Net is a freeware which can be used as a dictionary as well as a translation tool. It is a smart a multilingual dictionary which can translate from/to 65 different languages. The program makes uses of online tools like Google Dictionary, Translate, Search and Wikipedia to deliver the results.

Clean Up Junk Files on PC with Little Disk Cleaner

Little Disk Cleaner is a freeware using which can be used to remove common Junk Files from the Computer. The program will scan you hard drives and will show you a list of junk files that you can remove. It comes pre configured with common junk file types which are safe to remove.