Perform Tasks when Your PC is Idle with System Silencer

System Silencer is a freeware that can perform simple actions whenever the computer has been idle for a defined number of minutes. Sometimes when you leave off in a hurry while working on your Computer, you forget to close the applications, files etc that you have been working on. System Silencer can be used to configure what can be seen or heard from the system while you are away.

The program comes with some actions that you can perform when the system has been idle. Standard options include turning off the monitor, muting the sound, showing/hiding desktop, taskbar icons. It can even lock the workstation. You can even configure it to kill a process or even run a program or a file which you select. The idle time can also be selected. It can even restore back to original desktop setting when the computer is no longer idle.

The program is a freeware and works on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.