9 Free Utilities To Delete Files Permanently From Your Computer

Hitting the delete button or cleaning up the recycle bin doesn’t actually delete the files from your Computer, it only removes the reference of the file from the file system table. They can be easily recovered using any recovery program. This can sometimes pose serious privacy issues if you are selling your hard drive or your Computer. Here are a list of some freeware that you can use to permanently delete files from your Computer so they cannot be recovered again.

1) Eraser

Eraser is advanced security tool for Windows which can completely remove sensitive data from your Computer by overwriting it several times with selected patterns. You can create a Data Erase task and have it run at defined times. You can even choose the file as well as free space erasure methods. It has got a simple interface.

2) Freeraser

Freeraser is another great program that can be used to erase the data permanently. It functions on three levels to delete the data.

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3) File Shredder

File Shredder allows you to choose between 5 different shredding algorithms for erasing the data. It also contains an integrated Disk Wiper which can wipe unused disk space. It has got a simple interface where you can add files and folders that you want to erase.

4) Disk Redactor

Disk Redactor enables you to wipe away the free space on your hard drive thereby overwriting any previously deleted files. The program doesn’t delete any existing files, it only wipes away the data that has already been deleted. It also supports single or double overwrite for additional security. It has got a simple interface where you just have to select the drive and hit the button.

5) RightDelete

RightDelete is a small application that can be used to securely delete data. It can even integrate with the right click context menu so you just have to right click on a file and select ‘Securely Delete this File’. The program uses seven pass method to erase the data beyond recovery.

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6) CyberShredder

CyberShredder is a small and handy utility for permanently removing the data. It has got a simple interface where you can drag and drop the folders that you want to delete permanently. It deletes data using three different shredding methods including the NSA approved seven pass file deletion method.

7) Secure Delete

Secure Delete is another free and small file shredder that can delete the file permanently and can even encrypt it so that when the file is recovered, it is impossible to decipher it contents. It has a simple interface where you can just select the directory that you wish to delete and the number of times that you wish to overwrite the file contents.

8) Ultra Shredder

Ultra Shredder is a small portable file shredding program that can delete files and overwrite the space with random characters. It has got a simple interface where you just have to drag and drop the files or folders and select the number of times you want it to be shred.

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9) Hard Drive Eraser

Hard Drive Eraser is another file shredder that can be used to securely delete data from hard drives. Instead of selecting files/folders, this one is used to clean up the entire hard drive or partition. Just run the program and select the drive that you want to erase along with the shredding scheme.

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If i have missed any good ones, do let me know in comments.