Automate Tasks with TimeComX

TimeComX is a freeware task automation tool which can perform predefined or user defined actions at a certain time or based on certain conditions. The tasks can be scheduled based on time of day or with a countdown timer or whenever CPU usage drops below a certain level.

The actions which it can perform include

  • Restart, Shutdown
  • Log Off, Lock Computer
  • Hibernation & Suspend Mode
  • Wake up & Play alarm
  • Play any type of audio-file (mp3,ogg,wma,wav..)
  • Execute files ( e.g. batch files )
  • Create Screen shots before an action

It can also be run in the background on in the tray mode. The program can also be password protected so that no one can change any settings when it is running without a valid password.  One if its drawback is that it can only run a single task at a given time.

The program is also portable and can be run directly from a USB disk. It is a freeware and works on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 2003 server.