Prevent Repetitive Strain Injury with Workrave

Workrave is a freeware that prevents Computer users from developing Repetitive Strain injuries which can happen when working on a Computer for long durations. The program monitors the Computer activity of the user and advices them to take breaks at regular intervals.

The program has three empty progress meters which represents three types of break which are micro-pause, rest break and a daily limit. Your usage of the keyboard and mouse causes the progress meters to fill up. The empty part of the meter represents the time remaining till the next break. When the progress meter fills up, a window appears asking you to take a break. The type of window depends upon the progress meter that you have filled up. The micro breaks lets you relax your hands for 30 seconds while the rest breaks provides a set of exercises that you can follow to prevent injuries.

You can pause all the screen activity so as to actually take a break. The duration and timings of the breaks can also be configured based on personal needs. The program also supports networking so that you can use your configured schedule across multiple computers.

The program is a freeware and works on Windows as well as Linux.