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SmoothDocs Lets You Quickly Create Document From Templates

SmoothDocs is a free document assembly software using which you can quickly create professional documents from lots of templates that are provided. Creating documents from scratch can be a time consuming task. Using Smoothdocs, you can quickly create a lots of documents by changing certain parameters like the Name of Company, address, employee name etc.

Halogen E360 Multirater Automate and Simplify 360 Degree Feedback

Halogen Software offers a complete suite of Talent Management solutions that automate, simplify and integrate performance appraisals, 360 degree feedback, compensation management, succession planning and learning management. Halogen E360 Multirater provides a practical, affordable and remarkably easy way to gather and analyze rich 360 degree feedback giving the employees a broad and balanced feedback they […] Turns 5 Years Old

I just remembered that a couple of days back, this blog just completed its five years. Though my posting frequency is not what it used to be a couple of years back, it is still good to see the blog doing well. Like every time, i am going to say that i will try to […]