Halogen E360 Multirater Automate and Simplify 360 Degree Feedback

Halogen Software offers a complete suite of Talent Management solutions that automate, simplify and integrate performance appraisals, 360 degree feedback, compensation management, succession planning and learning management. Halogen E360 Multirater provides a practical, affordable and remarkably easy way to gather and analyze rich 360 degree feedback giving the employees a broad and balanced feedback they need to develop and succeed.

It can be used for leadership development or to simply collect broader, fairer feedback for employees who have a less direct working relationship with their manager like employees who work in shifts or who work remotely. It also does away with all the paperwork and hassles that make organizations hesitate to use this valuable tool.

It offers a lot of benefits to both Employees and Managers during the appraisal process.

Some benefits for employees include

· Get more balanced, personalized, and comprehensive 360 degree feedback on competencies and goals.

· Better understand their strengths and weaknesses as perceived co-workers, other managers or even external stakeholders.

· Take greater ownership of their career development and personalized training plans.

Some benefits for Managers include

· Get crucial, in-depth, broader performance feedback that is not easily captured by other types of assessments.

· Can see an instant snapshot of where things stand at any point in the 360 assessment process – including completion percentages.

· Save hours compiling and analyzing performance feedback.


Halogen E360 Multirater is also quite easy to setup and facilitates capturing of valuable feedback from multiple sources quickly and easily at any time during the appraisal process. The assessments questions can be created easily from the scratch or can be copied from other evaluations. The status of all the ongoing assessments can be monitored and new evaluators can be added at any time. It will automatically send email reminders so that the process keeps moving forward in a timely manner. The results are easily accessible and the program can be configured to determine who can see the results and at what stage. The results can also be viewed by rater group or an individual rater.

The product is ideal for companies who want to conduct multirater assessments. The program also comes with a ‘Certain To Succeed Money Back Gurantee’.