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Speccy is a Nice System Information Tool

Speccy is a freeware system information tool which can provide a good technical overview of your system. Though most the basic system information can be obtained by just right clicking on ‘My Computer’ and then clicking ‘Properties’, but it does not provide you with a detailed information.

Optimize Your PC for Gaming with Game Fire

Game Fire is a freeware using which you can optimize your PC for playing computer games. The program lets you temporarily turn off unwanted Windows programs and services as well as defragmenting the system memory for better gaming performance.

Customize The Right Click Menu with Right Click Enhancer

Right Click Enhancer is a freeware using which you can customize the Windows right click menu with a lot of cool options. You can remove unwanted items from it or add your very own folder or files shortcuts or even create cascading sub menus. The program comes with a variety of small tweaking utilities which […]

Convert MKV Files for XBOX 360 with XenonMKV

XenonMKV is a freeware using which you convert your high definition mkv files into a proper MP4 format which can be played in your XBOX 360. If you have a good collection of HD movies in mkv format and you want to watch them on your XBOX 360, then this a good converter to use.

Change Windows 7 Logon Image with Logon Screen

Logon Screen is a freeware which allows you to change the default logon screen of Windows 7. Even though Windows 7 comes with some beautiful wallpapers, there is no option which allows you to set one for the Logon screen. This simple program allows you to change the logon screen with the click of a […]