Customize The Right Click Menu with Right Click Enhancer

Right Click Enhancer is a freeware using which you can customize the Windows right click menu with a lot of cool options. You can remove unwanted items from it or add your very own folder or files shortcuts or even create cascading sub menus. The program comes with a variety of small tweaking utilities which offers a lot of control of Right Click Customization.

The different tweak utilities in this program include

Right Click Tweaker : As the name suggests, this allows you to add different features to your right click menu with include Copy To Folder, Move To Folder, Encrypt/Decrypt, Admin Command Prompt, God Mode etc.

Send To Manager : This allows you to modify and customize the Send To menu with your own folders and shortcuts

New Menu Editor : This can be used to modify the right click ‘New’ menu

My Computer Manager : Allows users to add there files and folders to there My Computer, Control Panel or Desktop.

Right Click Cascading Menu Shortcut Creator : This allows you to add cascading menus to the right click and you can add your files and folders to those cascading menus

Right Click Shortcut Creator : Allows you to add files and folders to the right click menu.

The program offers a lot of customization and you can modify the right click menu according to your needs.

The program is a freeware and works on Windows XP, Vista and Windows. A portable version of the program is also available.