Optimize Your PC for Gaming with Game Fire

Game Fire is a freeware using which you can optimize your PC for playing computer games. The program lets you temporarily turn off unwanted Windows programs and services as well as defragmenting the system memory for better gaming performance.

The program is simple and easy to use. You get a very intuitive user interface which allows you to quickly turn of unwanted programs and services so as to reduce the CPU load. All the feature that you turn off can be quickly resumed by the click of a button after you have played the games. The previous state of the system is restored by turning off Game Mode. The program also lets you defrag system ram so as to free up unneeded resources. It also lets you boost your system performance in Real Time. It even includes a game launcher which can automatically trigger gaming mode on launching the game. It also includes an inbuilt process manager along with several performance counters.

A nice program to have for the gamers. The program is free as well as Open source so you can even modify it according to your needs. It runs on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 and requires .Net framework 4.