Tweak Your Windows System with TweakNow PowerPack

TweakNow PowerPack is a is a powerful tweaker for Windows operating system that lets you fine tune many aspects of your Windows operating system. It contains a lot of utilities which lets you clean your Computer and tweak different settings easily. It contains a lot of tweaks ranging from beginner to intermediate level. Apart from that, it also offers some enhanced functionality like Virtual desktop, RAM booster etc.

The installation is straightforward and the interface of the program is simple and you can do most of the stuff by just a button click. On running the program, you will notice that it has different tabs for different optimization ranging from Quick optimizer, troubleshooting, Windows Cleaner, system information etc. Quick Optimizer lets you quickly do a lot of cleaning and optimizing like cleaning web browser files and history, remove temp files, compact Chrome & Mozilla database, optimize windows and network settings. Just check the things that you want and hit the ‘Optimize’ button. Troubleshooting lets you rebuild icon cache or reset the Internet/Network settings to there default setting.

The ‘Disk Cleaner’ utility comes with a lot of options which includes a Disk Cleaner, Defragmenter, Secure Delete for securely deleting files, a Disk Usage analyzer, Startup manager, Registry Cleaner, Track Cleaner etc. The ‘Windows Secret’ tweaker lets you modify a lot of different settings related to Control Panel, Desktop, Explorer, Logon, OEM Information etc. It also includes a System information which gives you a detailed information of your Computer system.

Apart of tweaking, it also includes some functional utilities like ‘Virtual Desktop’ which lets you run upto 4 virtual desktop on your machine. It also includes a RAM optimizer for freeing up physical memory and a process manager for managing running processes. It also comes with a shutdown manager which lets you shutdown, restart, log off your machine at the specified time.

The program is very useful and lets you do a lot of stuff with a single click. The program is a freeware and runs on Windows XP, Vista and 7.