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X-Mini Rave Portable Capsule Speaker Review

The X-Mini series of portable capsule speakers are quite popular due to there sleek design and good sound quality. The X-mini Rave is the latest addition to the series of X-Mini speakers and this one even allows you to listen to FM Radio stations.

Directory Hog is a portable folder size reporting tool

Directory Hog is a freeware folder size reporting tool using which you can find out which folder is taking how much space on your disk drives.

Lock Computer Folders with Lock-A-Folder

Lock-A-Folder is a freeware using which you can lock folders on your Computer so that they are not accessible to anyone who does not know the password. The program allows you to lock upto three folders.

Grammarly – Online Grammar Checker Tool

Before you publish anything on the web, or whether you want to send any personal or formal mail, it is always a good idea to check your text for any spelling or grammatical errors. Even though Microsoft word offers a good spell checker service, it will not point out whether you have made any grammatical […]

Capture Desktop Screenshots with Snaplr

Snaplr is a freeware using which you can quickly take screenshots of your desktop activity. The program doesn’t offer much features as many other similar programs, but it is still a good option for those who are looking for some basic functionality.