X-Mini Rave Portable Capsule Speaker Review

The X-Mini series of portable capsule speakers are quite popular due to there sleek design and good sound quality. The X-mini Rave is the latest addition to the series of X-Mini speakers and this one even allows you to listen to FM Radio stations.

Like other speakers in the series, the X-Mini Rave has got a sleek and elegant design with a small size making it easy to carry it in your pockets. The speakers can also be expanded. The X-Mini Rave package includes the speaker unit along with a manual, Charge cable and a pouch. The speaker has got a button which allows you to switch between ‘Audio’, ‘Off’ & ‘Radio’. The ‘Audio’ mode allows you to use the speaker with any media device like computer, mp3 player etc.

The ‘Radio’ mode is a new addition which has been introduced in the series and it allow you to listen to FM Radio. It even has a small display which shows you the FM frequency in a blue light background.  It has got small buttons which allows you to move between different FM frequencies. Pressing the button long enough will automatically tune to a radio frequency when it finds one. Most of FM Radio player will have an external antenna but the X-Mini Rave has an internal antenna whose performance is excellent. The speaker will even remember your last played station even if you turn it off. Even with an internal antenna, its reception of Radio stations was clear.

Even though it has a small size, like other X-Mini speakers, it gives out a loud and powerful sound which is very clear. The Bass and Treble are also quite good. Though you might notice a bit of distortion while listening to heavy metal and rock music in full volume. The speaker has got a good battery life. I was able to run it for around 14 hours without recharging. According to the product specification, you can play the Radio music for upto 6 hours and the recharging time is around 2 hours.

I have been a fan of X-Mini speakers series and this one is no different. Though you will probably use your Computer speakers at home, you can always use it while going on trip or some outing. Overall, it is a really great portable speaker and the FM Radio is a great addition.