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Add Annotations to Pictures with iPhotoDraw

iPhotoDraw is a freeware using which you can add annotation to your pictures. Sometimes, while sharing images with friends and family, we may need to tag some people in it or maybe add some text to it to make it more descriptive and informative. iPhotoDraw allows you to quickly add annotations to the images.

Change Desktop Wallpaper Automatically with WallMagician

WallMagician is a freeware which can automatically change your Desktop Wallpaper at regular intervals or when you reboot the system. You can add the images that you want to display as the wallpapers and it supports all the major file types like jpeg, jpg, gif, psd, bmp, png etc.

Online Storage Wars

Although online data storage services probably aren’t interesting enough subjects for a reality TV show, like their real life counterparts in the form of Storage Wars and like shows, they are as critically important to business workflow at home and at the office. The ability to be able to backup and sync data, share it […]