Change Desktop Wallpaper Automatically with WallMagician

WallMagician is a freeware which can automatically change your Desktop Wallpaper at regular intervals or when you reboot the system. You can add the images that you want to display as the wallpapers and it supports all the major file types like jpeg, jpg, gif, psd, bmp, png etc.

The program has got a simple interface which is easy to use. You can even category your wallpapers into different lists where each lists can have many wallpapers. The program supports different wallpaper styles like Tile, Center, Fit To Screen and even custom positions. You can even customize different wallpapers for different styles. It can even hide your current wallpaper and even your desktop icons. It even has a thumbnail tab which displays all the images selected in the thumbnail list. The wallpaper selection can be random and it can even export the result in PDF.

The program is a freeware and works on all the version of Windows.