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Create and Share Notes with TinyPad

TinyPad is a small notepad type application which lets you create notes and also share them with your friends. You may call it a notepad replacement as it comes with all the basic features but it has some unique features also which separates it from the rest.

Multi Commander is an Advanced Tabbed File Manager

Multi Commander is an advanced file manager which is a nice alternative to Windows Explorer. Apart from having standard file management features, the program also comes with various advanced features which are very helpful.

Check Which .Net Version is Installed with .Net Version Detector

.Net Version Detector is a small and simple application that tells you which .Net versions are installed on your machine. There are certain software’s which requires a particular version of .Net to be installed on machine. The program makes it easier for users to find which version is installed or even download the version which […]

Block Sites Appearing In Firefox History with HistoryBlock

HistoryBlock is a Firefox extension that prevents certain domain names from appearing in your browser history. If you want to keep your privacy and does not prefer using the private browsing mode every time, this extension will be very helpful.

1By1 is a Simple Music Player

1by1 is a small and simple music player which can play all the files in your music directory without the need to create any playlists. The program is very small and size and takes very less system resources. If you are looking for a barebones music player to handle your file collection, then this one […]