Find The Fastest DNS Servers with DNS Benchmark

DNS Benchmark is a freeware which enables you to test the performance of different DNS servers so that you can find out which one offers the best response time. Most of the times, we use the DNS servers that have been provided to us by our Service provider but they may not be the fastest that is available. The program lets you find a suitable and fast DNS server so that your internet experience is not slowed down.

The program comes pre configured with a list of DNS servers. Be default, the program identifies all the DNS servers the system is currently configured to use and adds them to the existing list of public DNS servers. The servers in the list are tested for different characteristics which also involves testing for ‘redirection’ behavior. The performance and reliability of the servers are compared with each other. Results which are continuously updated while the benchmark is underway are displayed in the form of bar graph which makes it easy to see the results. A detailed result is also displayed for each of servers which can be used by network experts. A conclusion tab is present which explain the overall result in simple English for non technical users. The results can be saved to a csv or file or can also be copied to clipboard.

The program is free and requires no installation. It runs on all the version of Windows.