Record Internet Radio with streamWriter

streamWriter is a freeware which can record music broadcasted by internet radio stations. The recordings can then be saved as mp3 files. The program has the ability to monitor different radio stations simultaneously and record the songs one is looking for.

The interface includes a stream tab where you can add or play the internet stream that you want the application to monitor. The program has Lists where you can add the songs that you like to your wish list or to ignore list. The program can then automatically monitor the radio stations and download the song which is on the wish list. Recordings can also be scheduled to happen automatically on a daily basis.

Some of the other features are

  • Track splitting with silence detection
  • Function for manual cutting of saved titles
  • Skipping of ads
  • Writing of tags to recorded files
  • Applying of effects to recorded songs

The program is a freeware and portable version is available. It can run on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.