CintaNotes is a Free Portable Notes Manager

CintaNotes is a free note keeping application that provides an easy and convenient way of storing pieces of information that we come across while browsing websites or reading any document. The program lets you quickly tag and save any useful information that you come across everyday.

The program lets you quickly copy and store the text just by using hotkeys. You can simple copy the text that you want to save and press the CTRL + F12 keys and the note will be automatically created. If the text is copied from a website, the URL of the website is automatically saved along with the note. We can also manually add a note to the application. We can use a title and keyword tags to make the notes so that they are easy to find later.

The program also lets you quickly find the notes that you have stored. You can simple type into the search box and the notes that contain the typed text will come in the list. You can even perform search by title or even by URL. You can even use tags union, intersection to find the notes that we need. The program also supports synchronization of notes across multiple systems by using services like dropbox or Sugarsync. It also provides an option for importing and exporting of notes.

The program is a freeware and it can even be run directly from Pendrive. A paid version of the program is also available which has some advanced features. The program runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7.