Add Custom Toolbars To Your Desktop with Coolbarz

Coolbarz is a freeware which allows you to add custom toolbars to your desktop. The toolbars can hold shortcuts to your favourite programs, files or folders. They remain hidden from view and only become visible on hovering the mouse over them. This can help you in un cluttering your desktop and store all your favourite program shortcut in a single place.

The program allows you to add upto 4 toolbars on all the sides of the screen. To add a shortcut, simply drag and drop it to the toolbar and it will be added. The toolbars can be customized to display the shortcut name or simple the icon. You can also customize the visual look of the toolbar and add fading and transparency effects. You can also add borders and make them look like buttons.  It also supports user profile so each user can have there own configuration. The program also supports command line arguments.

The program is a freeware and works on Windows XP, Vista and 7. It requires .Net Framework 2 and it runs as an standalone application.