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Create Multiboot USB Drives with YUMI

YUMI is a free multiboot USB creator which enables you to add multiple Linux distributions on a single USB drive. Normally you can have only a single operating system inside your USB drive but YUMI lets you do much more. Apart from having multiple Linux distributions, you can even install various utilities on the USB […]

Prevent Accidental Clicks on Touchpad with Touchpad Blocker

Touchpad Blocker is a freeware that can disable the Laptop’s touchpad while you are typing something using the keyboard. It can be very frustrating if you are typing something on your notebook and the cursor moves to a different paragraph because your hand accidentally touched the keypad while typing. The program is especially for laptop […]

TinyWall is a Non Intrusive Windows Firewall

TinyWall is an advanced Windows firewall that is designed to let you easily configure the way Windows Firewall works. The default windows firewall comes with many options but it is difficult to configure it for a simple user. It even displays a number of popup asking you to allows access to or bock certain applications. […]