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Protect Computer From Unauthorized access with Lockscreen Pro

Lockscreen Pro is a free screen locking software which can lock the computer screen to prevent unauthorized access. You can password protect your computer which also prevents unauthorized access but Lockscreen Pro provides some great features and it gives a very beautiful interface also.

Password Protect Folders with SecretFolder

SecretFolder is a freeware using which you can password protect the folders on your computer so that they are not accessible to other users. The folders can then be unlocked by providing the password and unlocking it.

Monitor Contents of Directory with Directory Monitor

Directory Monitor is a freeware which can be used to monitor the contents of a local or network directory for any kind of changes. You can also choose to launch an external program whenever such changes occur.

Get Start Menu on Windows 8 with Start Menu Reviver

The lack of Start Menu in Windows 8 is one things that many users hate. With most of being used to opening/pinning programs on the start menu, it is quite difficult to open then by going to the Metro interface and finding the desired program. Start Menu Reviver is a customizable start menu for Windows […]

Download Mp3 files with Free Music Downloader

Free Music Downloader is a freeware which allows you to download music from popular music streaming sites like, Grooveshark, Youtube, SoundCloud etc. The songs can be downloaded and saved on the Computer as mp3 files.