Archive for March 2014

Hide Data Inside Audio Files with DeepSound

DeepSound is a freeware steganography tool which can be used to hide secret data inside audio files. Once the data has been hidden inside the sound file, the file can be played normally like a music file. Except the increase in file size, there is no indication that the sound file contains any hidden data.

Insert Frequently Used Text Anywhere With TypeText

TypeText is a freeware using which you can quickly insert your frequently used text snippets or words into any text editor. Many times while typing something or replying to mails, there are some text that we use quite often. Using TypeText, we can quickly insert them by a single button click.

Upload Images To Facebook with ImageGlass

ImageGlass is a simple image viewing application which is a nice alternative to the default Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 7 and 8. The program is lightweight and can be customized by using extensions, themes and language packs. It also supports lots of different functions and provides a nice image viewing experience with its clean […]

Dock Screenshot on Desktop with SnipDock

SnipDock is a free utility that can be used to ‘snip’ a part of your screen and dock it along the desktop. This is especially useful while you are working on any document and you need to refer to an image while working. So instead of switching between the document and image, you can ‘snip’ […]

Workout Scheduler is a Nice Fitness app for Windows Phone 8

If you are a fitness freak and visit the Gym regularly, then Workout Scheduler is a must have application for your Windows Phone. It contains details of more than 1000+ exercises along with a step by step guide and graphical animations on performing them. You can select the workout which you want to add to […]