Dock Screenshot on Desktop with SnipDock

SnipDock is a free utility that can be used to ‘snip’ a part of your screen and dock it along the desktop. This is especially useful while you are working on any document and you need to refer to an image while working. So instead of switching between the document and image, you can ‘snip’ the image and dock it so that it becomes easy to reference.

You can take screenshot of any user defined portion. The image can be docked to the left or right side of the desktop or you can have a floating window for greater control. The program can automatically dock and resize it for you. Once the image has been dock, no other program will be able to take that space. You can also zoom in and zoom out in the image using mouse scroll. It also automatically saves the screenshots in the ‘Pictures’ folder so you can also use it as a screenshot tool.

The program is Windows based and requires .Net Framework 4.