Hide Data Inside Audio Files with DeepSound

DeepSound is a freeware steganography tool which can be used to hide secret data inside audio files. Once the data has been hidden inside the sound file, the file can be played normally like a music file. Except the increase in file size, there is no indication that the sound file contains any hidden data.

The program supports wav and flac audio formats. Simple select the carrier audio file and the data files that you want to hide inside it. Different type of files including text documents, audio, video files etc. can be hidden. The program can be used as a copyright marking software for wav, flac and audio cd formats. Data can also be password protected by using 256-bit AES encryption. To extract the data, simple open the carrier file with the DeepSound file browser and extract the hidden data. You can select the output quality of the audio file.

The program is a freeware and works in Windows and requires .Net Framework 3.5