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September 08 Stats

September was a big month for Whoismadhur. The blog received the highest traffic so far and the earnings were also good. Traffic Unique Visitors : 58965 Pageviews : 121587 Around 70% traffic was from Google followed by Stumbleupon. Stumbleupon was really helpful as some of the post got many hits from there.

Launching – For the Gamers, By The Gamers

Many of you must have wondered why I haven’t written any game reviews in the last few months. Being an avid gamer, I thought a new blog was a better idea to share the gaming information with everyone. And today I am launching my new blog GameBojo which I do hope that gamers will enjoy […]

August 08 Stats

August was a great month for me, probably the best I have had so far. I published more posts, got much more traffic, much more pageviews, much more earnings etc etc. Here are the stats Traffic Visits : 62356 PageViews : 103794 Around 65% of traffic was from Google followed by Stumbleupon.

Use Zemanta with Windows Live Writer

Zemanta is powerful content suggestion tool for bloggers which displays photos, tags, links related to the user’s content. It will display photos, related posts, tags which are very much related to the post which a user is writing thus enabling him to use the content in writing his post.

July 08 Stats

Here are my traffic stats for the month of July. Traffic Unique Visitors : 32654 PageViews : 58652 Most of the traffic was from Google (around 80%) followed by StumbleUpon. My traffic was slightly less compared to previous month and I hope to make up for it this month.