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Contest – Win Free RapidShare Accounts

We have never had a contest here on this Blog. So i think it is the best time to have one. Rapidshare is one of the best file uploading service and you can find a lot of stuff on Rapidshare. The free users get some restrictions while uploading and downloading files. So we are giving […]

5 Free Programs to Backup and Restore Computer Drivers

After you format your Computer and reinstall Windows, the first thing you do is install all the device drivers. If you happen to lose your motherboard or driver’s CD, you will have to find all those drivers on the net and download them. If you want to avoid such hassle, then use these free utilities […]

10 Free Backup Software For Windows

It is essential for any Computer User to take a backup of the data. You don’t know when some virus infection or a hard disk crash may make you lose all your important data so it is essential to have a backup ready. 1) Cobian Backup This is one of the best Backup applications available. […]

5 Free Alternatives to Adobe Reader

The PDF format has become very popular now a days. Adobe Reader is the preferred software for viewing PDF files but i don’t like viewing my files in Adobe Reader. First of all, it is very slow and takes a lot of time in opening the files, and the latest version of Adobe Reader uses […]

Top 10 Free Applications to Burn CD/DVD

Nero is the name which comes to mind when we think of CD/DVD burning. Mostly Nero comes bundled with out CD/DVD drives but the latest version of Nero is also resource intensive. There are other free alternatives which can perform as well as Nero and also consume less resource and space. Here are the 10 […]