Google – Madhur Kapoor’s Blog Technology, Software Reviews, Tutorials, Vista Tips, Windows Tips Thu, 08 May 2014 16:13:10 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Gmail gets SMS messaging Fri, 31 Oct 2008 03:52:37 +0000 Google is adding a lot of new features to Gmail like Gadgets, Emoticons, Canned responses, Mail Googles etc. Google is rolling out a new feature for Gmail which allows you to send SMS from your chat window in the left hand pane. The feature is available through the Gmail Labs and you will have to enable it from the settings page.

The new feature will be slowly rolled out to all the users. To use it, a Gmail user will have to enter a mobile number in the chat window to enable the “Send SMS” pop-up window. The sender will also be assigned a number so that the receiver can also send messages to the sender using the number. A new number will be assigned each time user sends a SMS message.

Currently this service is only for the US residents. I am hoping that they might soon make it available to the rest of the world.

Google Analytics Getting Adsense Integration Thu, 23 Oct 2008 08:51:55 +0000 IntegrateLink_EN

One of the features that many Adsense publishers were looking for is here. I am talking about the integration of Adsense with Google Analytics. The new facility has already started rolling out and will be available to all the Adsense publishes gradually.


The integration means some good news for publishers as they will get access to in depth reports about user behavior on there site. Now publishers can track there Adsense performance better by looking at reports which tell them about Adsense performance page wise and by referring sites. This way, a publisher can make better decisions regarding ad placements on site and can optimize the earnings. You can also view the trends in your Adsense performance over a period of time or at a time of day.

The feature is not available to all the publishers right now. A user will see an invitation on there Adsense “Overview” page when the feature is available for them.

Google Ads now on Games Thu, 09 Oct 2008 11:13:11 +0000 Google is ready to extend there Adsense programs to include video games. It will soon be launching “Adsense in Games”, a technology which has been designed to show advertisements in web based video games. This way, advertisers can get a new way to reach there customers.

Adsense in Games will show ads targeted towards young men in action and sports games. The ads will be videos that will be showed before and after a game or in between levels. In Game advertising is not a new idea. We have seen various big consoles games having them. It has received a mixed response from gamers. But since Google Adsense program is based on click, I am not sure how will it work with web based games. I don’t think you can expect users to stop the game, check out and click the ads and continue the game. But since Google has entered the market, this new medium is sure going to become a lot popular.

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Google’s Mail Goggles to Prevent Drunk Emailing Wed, 08 Oct 2008 08:42:08 +0000 If you have a habit of sending email when in drunken state and later regretting about it, then this new Gmail feature is for you. Google has launched a new labs feature for gmail called Mail Goggles which will make you solve a set of math problems before sending a mail to determine if you are in the right state of mind or not.



By default, it is set only for weekend nights, so you wont have to worry about it during the weekdays. You can turn the feature on in the settings and can set at which time do you want it to be active. You can also set the difficulty level of math problems which it makes you solve. I don’t think it will be of use to anybody and it has been launched just for fun.

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Google Chrome : First Impressions Wed, 03 Sep 2008 07:58:44 +0000 Chrome

Yesterday, the whole web world was buzzing with the launch of Google browser Chrome. I to played with it for a few hours and I have to say that it is here to stay and provide some tough competition to Firefox as well. You can download Chrome from the Google site. The installation will take around 2-3 minutes and then you will be all set to go.



On starting it for the first time, it asked me to close the Firefox window so that it can imports bookmarks and passwords from it. I close Firefox and the transfer took place in a second. On starting it for the first time, you will notice that it has a familiar Google look to it, light blue and white colors, very few buttons etc. The first window is similar to the speed dial feature in Opera. It will show you the thumbnails of your recently opened sites along with your search history and recently added bookmarks. Clicking on any thumbnail will take you to the site.


One thing you will quickly notice about Chrome is its speed. The browser is just super responsive, the auto-complete feature in address bar is also fast, tabs open very fast and even Websites open a bit faster in it. The arrangement of tabs, which is placed on top may seem a bit strange at first but you will get used to it soon. The address bar is just superb. Just type a letter and it will offer you suggestions immediately. This is similar to the Awesome Bar which you see in Firefox. Also, you will notice that there is no search bar in Chrome, the search is also handled by the Address Bar. Just press Ctrl + K, in Firefox it highlighted the search bar, but in Chrome, it will display a ‘?’ in your address bar indicating that search can be performed from there.


There is a ‘Create application shortcut’ feature which creates a shortcut of any Website on your desktop. You can then launch it quickly similar to an application. There is also an ‘incognito’ mode which is similar to the privacy mode in IE8. If you work in the incognito mode, no trace of your work will be left after you have closed your session. In Chrome, all the tabs which you open are treated as a separate process, so you can kill one tab without affecting the whole browser. Because of this, if something hangs in one tab, whole browser or rest of the tabs will remain fine. It memory consumption is lesser than that of Firefox with the same number of tabs, although in one case, I noted that it was higher. It even has problems with certain sites. For example, Facebook didn’t work well in Chrome, when I clicked on “Become a Fan” link, the page refreshed but nothing happened.


For its first release, Chrome is very stable, it didn’t crash even once and I have tried it many times now. I am not planning to make it my default browser now, will do so once, Google releases some plugins and toolbars for it. Other than that, it is a great browser which you should try. At present, it is available for Windows only so Linux and Mac users will have to wait.

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Google Chrome : A Browser by Google Mon, 01 Sep 2008 22:54:49 +0000 There have a been a lot of talks about a Google Browser being in works for many years. I never thought that was going to happen as Google kept releasing a lot of services that were aimed for other browsers such as Google Gears etc. Google Blogoscoped has published a comic book which they say, comes directly from Google and it contains all the details about Google Chrome, an open source Browser project by Google which is going to be released tomorrow in more than 100 countries.

Google Chrome

The comics is of 38 pages and tells a lot about the features in Google Chrome, some of which are

  • It will make use of Google Gears to save Websites for offline use
  • It will include a new JavaScript Virtual Machine V8 which has been built directly from the scratch and it can speed up performance
  • It will have special tabs which will be on the upper side of the Window and not below address bar
  • It will have an address bar with an auto complete feature called Omnibox
  • The Homepage will consist of a page similar to the Speed Dial page in Opera
  • It will have a privacy feature called “incognito”. Users can create an “incognito” window and whatever happens in that Window is never recorded
  • It allows the Web Apps to be launched in there own browser window
  • Whatever the tab runs will also be sandboxed protecting you from malwares and phishing sites.

The features look very interesting and it will definitely provide competition to all the Browsers all there. It will be interesting to see how it performs when it is released tomorrow. The Browser war just got more exciting.

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Gmail becomes more Secure Sat, 26 Jul 2008 16:13:27 +0000 Google seems to be paying more attention to Gmail security. A few days ago they added an option for remote log off and account tracking. Now they have added a new “Browser Connection” feature which allows users to use the “https” protocol while using there email.

To enable this feature, go to the settings page, in the bottom you will be able to select the option “Always use https”.


This will make your session more secure and less prone to hijacking as it provides an encrypted communication. However, it might have some effect on the speed but that is a little tradeoff to pay for security. Earlier, the only way t do this was using a greasemonkey script or by manually typing ‘https’. But one thing is don’t understand I why it has not been enabled by default. It is a good move by Google but they should enable it by default.

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Google Launches Knol, Wikipedia Competitor Thu, 24 Jul 2008 18:03:35 +0000 Knol

Google has opened Knol, a user generated encyclopedia or we can say, a competitor to Wikipedia for general public. ‘Knol’ which has been dubbed as a unit of knowledge was earlier available only to a selected users through invitation. However, unlike Wikipedia, users can earn profits from there articles by putting ads on the articles which they write. The revenue will have to be shared with Google.

‘Knol’ requires the authors to identify themselves to help the audience assess the source’s credibility which was not the case with Wikipedia. Google doesn’t intend to screen the submissions for accuracy and instead will rely on its search formulas to highlight the articles that readers believe are credible. With the ad system, more users will be encouraged to write articles. But will it be able to challenge Wikipedia which has got quite a head start and has more than 8.2 million articles in more than 200 languages. However in Wikipedia, since anyone can add or edit the information written by other, the credibility of the information does become questionable in the collaborative manner. Knol on the other hand, has a limited number of articles which will surely increase in the coming months. But i feel that both can co exist peacefully in the web.

One noteworthy point is whether ‘Knol’ will effect blogger’s or not. There are chances that it might have an effect on the SERP’s ranking for bloggers. Other than that, only time will tell. So what do you guys think ? Will it challenge Wikipedia and effect Bloggers or not ?

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