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Google Chrome : A Browser by Google

There have a been a lot of talks about a Google Browser being in works for many years. I never thought that was going to happen as Google kept releasing a lot of services that were aimed for other browsers such as Google Gears etc. Google Blogoscoped has published a comic book which they say, […]

Gmail becomes more Secure

Google seems to be paying more attention to Gmail security. A few days ago they added an option for remote log off and account tracking. Now they have added a new “Browser Connection” feature which allows users to use the “https” protocol while using there email.

Google Launches Knol, Wikipedia Competitor

Google has opened Knol, a user generated encyclopedia or we can say, a competitor to Wikipedia for general public. ‘Knol’ which has been dubbed as a unit of knowledge was earlier available only to a selected users through invitation. However, unlike Wikipedia, users can earn profits from there articles by putting ads on the articles […]

YouTube Video Search now has speech recognition

Google has added a new speech recognition tool to Youtube video search. Earlier the video search was based on tags and titles. Now you will be able to search for spoken text in a video. Currently, it is not available in all the videos, only on selected political videos.

Google launches Lively, Virtual Social Networking

Google has made another addition to its Services with Lively, a 3D virtual social networking service similar to Second Life. Users can create there own Avatar, enter chat rooms and chat with others in 3D graphics. I tried this but was unimpressed by this service. Google has a lot to do if they want to […]