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Microsoft Worldwide Telescope project to be launched by end of May

One of the things which i enjoy doing with my computer is gazing at the sky through the use of Google Sky. Now Microsoft is also planning to release its Worldwide Telescope project by the end of this month. Worldwide Telescope is a free tool that allows users to view the images of the sky […]

Microsoft Office Live Workspace now Live

A few month ago, we talked about Microsoft Office Live Workspace, a sort of an online extension of Microsoft office similar to Google Docs. At that time, the service was not live but now, Microsoft has announced the worldwide availability of Microsoft Office Live Workspace beta. The service allows users to share there documents by […]

Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 launched

A few backs Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 was in talks as it had passed the ACID 2 test. Now it looks like the Browser has hit the beta 1 milestone. Microsoft sent out a letter to some selected beta testers offering them a chance to try out the technical preview of Internet Explorer 8 beta […]

Internet Explorer 8 to come out in First Half of 2008

Microsoft is planning to release the first beta of its next version of Internet Explorer called Internet Explorer 8 in the first half of 2008. Recently IE 8 also passed the ACID2 browser test of the Web Standards Project. The test determines whether a browser renders a site in a certain way. If a browser […]

Microsoft launches next Gen Windows Live Services

Microsoft has launched the next Generation of there Windows Live, which provides the user with new services that enables them to communicate and share there content with others from anywhere. The services have been update and provides inbuilt security features so that the users can use it with confidence.