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Jailbreak iPhone 2.2 with Quickpawn and Pwnage Tool

A couple of days ago, Apple released the official 2.2 update for the firmware. Just two days after its release, the iPhone Dev Team has released the jailbreak of the firmware. The iPhone Dev Team has released the QuickPwn and Pwnage for 2.2 firmware for Windows and Mac. For instructions on how to do this […]

Firefox Gets the “Porn” Private Mode

One of the main features that almost all the latest browser like IE 8 , Chrome etc have in common is the “Private” browsing mode or the “Porn” mode. However, Firefox 3 was missing this feature and Firefox 3.1 beta 2 which will be released for the general public soon will have this feature.

Adobe AIR beta for Linux is out

Adobe has released the beta version of there Adobe AIR for Linux.  AIR is a cross platform runtime using which developers can create rich Internet applications which just sit on your desktop.

VLC player 0.9.2 released

The highly versatile and open source VLC media player has launched the 0.9.2 version. The new version features a brand new interface. Many new codecs, protocols have been added for video playback and it now supports more formats.

Firefox 3.1 to have a Privacy Mode

IE 8 beta 2 came out with there “Porn InPrivate”, Chrome had “Incognito” mode, and even Safari has a stealth feature and now Firefox will also be coming out with there Privacy mode with Firefox 3.1. Even though there are add-ons for Firefox that does the job but none are worthwhile.