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Optimize Windows Vista with Vista Manager

Vista Manager is a all in one utility to tune up, tweak, optimize and cleanup Windows Vista. It contains an impressive collection of tools which will improve your Windows Vista every aspect from security to optimization to performance. Some the main utilities which it has are

[Windows Vista Tip] How to Open Command Prompt by Right Click Menu in Vista

Normally when you have to open the command prompt in Vista, you have to do so by navigating the menu. There is a small trick using which you can open the command prompt just by right clicking.

Yahoo Messenger 9.0 beta launched

Yahoo has announced the launch of its messenger 9.0 Beta, a new version of its messaging software that can work on both Windows Vista and Windows XP. There are several new features and a new look.

Enable Slow-Motion Aero Animations in Vista

This is an interesting hack for Vista through which you can enable “Slow Motion” animation that will work if you are holding the “shift” key while minimizing , maximizing , closing a window. This will work if you can run the Windows Aero glass theme . To make this work , just download this file […]

How to Remove COM Surrogate Error in Vista

I have been using Windows Vista for 3 months now and one error that has always annoyed me is the “COM Surrogate Error ” . This error generally occurs when you open a folder thaty contains a lot of media files . The error is Beleive me it is irritating .┬áThis error is mainly caused […]