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Grammarly – Online Grammar Checker Tool

Before you publish anything on the web, or whether you want to send any personal or formal mail, it is always a good idea to check your text for any spelling or grammatical errors. Even though Microsoft word offers a good spell checker service, it will not point out whether you have made any grammatical […]

Sahipasand is Free Indian Classifieds Site

Sahipasand is a free classifieds site which allows you to sell or buy a wide range of products online. The site is a venture of Schibsted Classified Media, a media company based in Norway and one of the biggest online advertising company in Europe. The site allows you to buy and sell a wide range […]

Convert Web Pages to PDF with Web2PDF

Web2PDF is a nice web service which lets you convert Web Pages to PDF documents for free. You just have to provide the URL of the web page that you want to convert to PDF and it will be converted into seconds which you can then Download, open with Google Docs or store and share […]

Sell or Recycle Your Old Mobile Phones with RecycleMobilePhones

While buying a new mobile phone, a thought always comes to our mind that what we should do with our old mobile. Instead of just having it lying here and there or by throwing it away, it is a very good option to recycle it. Not only will you be helping the environment, you will […]

Get Remember the Milk tasks on Your Desktop with App For the Milk

Recently i got hooked on to using Remember the Milk for managing my tasks and to do list. While searching for a good desktop client for this web service, i came across App For the Milk. It is a nice desktop client which lets you manage your RTM tasks right from your desktop.