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WordPress Plugin : BackupWordPress

With so many security flaws being found in WordPress , it becomes necessary to update wordpress and take a backup of your blog . BackupWordpress is a plugin that will allow you to perform automatic backup of your blog at scheduled times . It can even mail you the backups at your specified email . […]

WordPress Plugin : WP-Table

There are times when we would like to represent some statistical data in our blog through the use of tables. Tables can be created in WYSIWYG editor through the use of html tags but it is not easy for basic users who dont have much knowledge of html. Even for advanced users , it will be […]

WordPress Plugin : Customizable Post Listings

The best thing about WordPress is that its functionality can be increased by the use of various plugins that are available all over the internet. I was looking for a plugin that can display Recent Entries from a specific category in the sidebar , that when i came across it. Customizable Post Listings is a […]

WordPress Plugin : Viper’s Video Quicktags

Viper’s Video Quicktags is a plugin for WordPress that creates various quicktags / WYSIWYG buttons for inserting self-hosted videos (AVI , MPG , FLV , WMV ) as well as website hosted videos (Youtube , Google Video , IFILM ) into our wordpress blog . In WordPress 2.1 you will need to disable the Visual […]

WordPress 2.0.7 out

Seems like this year is going to be known as the “year of bugs” for us WordPress users . Just 11 days ago WordPress 2.0.6 was releases to fix a security issue and now another is out to deal with a bug in certain versions of PHP which can cause a security vulnerability . So it […]