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Webonise Lab Announce Indian Android Developers Contest

Webonise Lab, an emerging web and mobile development company based out of Pune, India is launching an India centric Android app store called ‘AppBazar’. The AppBazar will contain a variety of apps which will be catering to Indian taste and will be made available in Vernacular language.

T-Mobile G1 – Google Android Phone Details

The details about long awaited HTC Dream or T-Mobile G1, the Google Android powered phone is finally revealed. It has a 3-inch touch screen along with QWERTY keypad and Internet navigation buttons. The home screen of the phone does look like an iPhone screen. One of its main features is multitasking, now you can receive […]

Google and Cellphones

There were a lot of rumors recently regarding Google’s entry into the cellular market or whether they are building a Gphone or an operating system. On Monday, Google confirmed its entry into the mobile market by saying that they are developing a free cellphone operating system that will enable them to show there ads and […]