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October 08 Stats

The traffic of this blog has been rising since the last few months and the trend continued in October. Here are the traffic details for the month of October Traffic Unique Visitors : 62564 Pageviews : 122568 Most of the traffic was from Google followed by Stumbleupon. Search Engine traffic to this blog has been […]

September 08 Stats

September was a big month for Whoismadhur. The blog received the highest traffic so far and the earnings were also good. Traffic Unique Visitors : 58965 Pageviews : 121587 Around 70% traffic was from Google followed by Stumbleupon. Stumbleupon was really helpful as some of the post got many hits from there.

Super Sunday Links Episode 16

I am back with another edition of Super Sunday Links. BlogsDNA tells you How to Recognize the Language of any text with PolyGlot 3000 Nirmal tells you about a nice tool called RemoveIT Pro to remove Malwares, Trojans and Virus PCDrome tells you about WebRipper, a software to rip everything from the web TechBlissonline tells […]

Super Sunday Links Episode 15

I am back with yet another edition of Super Sunday Links. NiharsWorld tells you about ViralBlogAds, a new way to monetize your blog. Stratos teaches you how to create cool effects with Position Absolute and Z index PC’sPlace tells you 35 ways to watch TV Online for free Eches tells you How to Open Websites […]

August 08 Stats

August was a great month for me, probably the best I have had so far. I published more posts, got much more traffic, much more pageviews, much more earnings etc etc. Here are the stats Traffic Visits : 62356 PageViews : 103794 Around 65% of traffic was from Google followed by Stumbleupon.