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ChomePlus adds New Features to Google Chrome

If you are a regular user of Google Chrome and you wish it had some more features, then there is something to be happy about. ChromePlus is a browser that has been built on Chrome and it contains all its functionality including some new features. Google Chrome is one of the fastest browsers around but […]

Manage Bookmarks between Different Browsers with Transmute

If you like working with several browsers on your machine, then managing your bookmarks between them is not easy. Transmute is a free bookmark converter that can make your work easier. It can effectively manage your Bookmarks between different browsers that are installed on your machine.

Google Chrome : First Impressions

Yesterday, the whole web world was buzzing with the launch of Google browser Chrome. I to played with it for a few hours and I have to say that it is here to stay and provide some tough competition to Firefox as well. You can download Chrome from the Google site. The installation will take […]

Browse Internet on your Mobile using Opera Mini

When i started using Internet on my phone, i used the crappy in built browser. Then i was introduced to Opera Mini browser and my browsing experience has been entirely different ever since. Opera recently released a new version Opera Mini 4.1. It has a lot of wonderful features such as More Speed : You […]

Apple Releases Safari Update

Around 2 weeks ago i started using Safari , though it was faster for me than Internet Explorer and Firefox , there were a few bugs in it that needed attention . Luckily Apple has released an update for the beta version which addresses some if these issues . The text display has been improved […]