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Manage Multiple Clipboard Channels with Clipjump

Clipjump is an enhanced multiple clipboard manager application which keeps track of all the data that you copy to the clipboard. The default windows clipboard doesn’t give you any option other than simple and copy and paste. Clipjump keeps track of all the items that you copy to your clipboard in any format and you […]

PasteCopy.Net is a free Windows Clipboard Manager

PasteCopy.Net is a free Windows Clipboard Manager that stores and keeps tracks of everything that you copy to the windows clipboard. It can store several items which can be copied onto Windows Clipboard with a single click or keyboard navigation.

Ditto is a Free Clipboard Manager with Network Support

The default Windows Clipboard does not have enough functionality to be really useful. Ditto is a Free Clipboard Manager for Windows that is also network enabled. It can store a history of all your clipboard items so that you can paste them later. If it is running on multiple machines in a network, you can […]

Manage Windows Clipboard with xNeat Clipboard Manager

The main disadvantage of the Windows Clipboard Manager is that you can copy only once before pasting it. If you want to copy paste several items, it is not possible. xNeat Clipboard Manager is a Windows Clipboard Manager replacement that can be used to track all the copied items and gives you easy access to […]

SwizzTool – Reminder and Task Automation Tool

SwizzTool is a free and multi function software that contains a lot of stuff like alarm/reminder, Clipboard Manager, Built in Memo, functionality to search various Internet sites etc. It allows you to create personal reminders and automated tasks that can launch a program at a specified Date and time, specified weekday or after a countdown […]