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Analyze Hard Drive Space with Disk Space Fan

I have reviewed a number of Disk Space analyzer programs on the blog including WinDirStat, SpaceSniffer, GetFolderSize etc. Disk Space Fan is another such utility which lets you find out what is taking up space on your disk drives but it displays the information using interactive fan style graphs.

Manage Open Windows in 3D using T3Desk

T3Desk is a freeware which lets you preview all your open Windows in a 3D like style. It can be called as an Alt-Tab replacement but it lets you arrange the open and minimized windows in 3D style. Now instead of minimizing your windows to the taskbar, you can arrange them on your desktop in […]

Polaris – Google Analytics Desktop Adobe AIR Client

Polaris is an Adobe AIR Desktop client which lets you view your Google Analytics stats right on your Desktop. Google Analytics is one of the best tools available for webmasters. Earlier, you had to visit the analytics website in order to check out the website’s stats. But now the Google Analytics team has released the […]

Save and Restore Position of Desktop Icons with DesktopOK

DesktopOK is a small freeware application using which you can save and restore the position of  Desktop Icons. If you have all your Desktop icons organized in a particular manner, then changing the resolution messes up all your icons positions. Using this small application, you can save the position of your desktop icons so you […]