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EA announces Tiberium, a First Person Shooter

Electronic Arts is developing Tiberium, a new intense tactical action and visceral first person shooting game which is set in a sci fi world. The game takes place in a devastated earth and the main objective will be to take control of a powerful energy source called Tiberium.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Vs Fifa 08 : Who will win this time ?

  The footie season of gaming is about to begin this October with two of the gaming giants EA Sports and Konami fighting for the top honors. The rivalry between EA’s glamorous FIFA and Konami’s traditional and more football savvy PES is exciting as we see in real life domestic competition. Now as the time […]

Need For Speed ProStreet

Its a good news for gamers and as well as NFS fans out there . EA has annouced the next version of the NFS called ProStreet . Though much information havent been revealed about it , it is certain that Car Damage will play an important part in this game . Whatever they do , i hope […]

Need For Speed : Carbon

When i first started the game , the first thing i noticed was ….shit this game needs a kick ass graphics card ….though i have a Geforce 6200 , i dont think it can do proper justice to this game even if i can play it at low settings . Anyways lets talk about the […]

The Gaming Gurus

Well we all love gaming dont we . In this post i look at few of the people who have made a diffrence in this field, without them the gaming scenario would have been very much diffrent . John Carmack   If you are a true action gamer , you would recognize him at once […]