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Godfather 2 Details Announced

Finally EA have revealed some details regarding Godfather II, the successor of Godfather game released in 2006. The game is expected to be released in February 2009.

MySims coming to PC in October

Last year Electronic Arts released MySims, The Sims labelled game for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii. Luckily, EA have decide to release the game for the PC users too. The game is inspired by the hugely popular Sims games. Here, users can create there own character, build a town, shop and grow there community.

EA announces Tiberium, a First Person Shooter

Electronic Arts is developing Tiberium, a new intense tactical action and visceral first person shooting game which is set in a sci fi world. The game takes place in a devastated earth and the main objective will be to take control of a powerful energy source called Tiberium.

Live ads in Games

A new form of advertising may soon be around to hit us . Advertisers who want to get there products noticed to 16-30 years old , EA Games and Microsoft might have a solution for you . EA Games , in conjunction with Massive Incorporated (a subsidiary of Microsoft) will be able to provide live […]