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Fifa 2009 Demo Out Now

Football Fanatics get ready, Fifa 09 demo for PC, PS3 and XBOX 360 is out now. It was released yesterday and I have already downloaded and played the PC version.

Pro Evolution Soccer is the Winner

Around a month ago i started a poll on my site regarding the preference of PES and FIFA 07 and thanks to 55 people who participated in the poll . The results are pretty much straightforward as i was expecting . Around 62% of people prefer PES and 38% prefer FIFA 07 . So we […]

Fifa Vs Pro Evolution Soccer Poll Added

I have added a poll regarding FIFA Vs Pro Evolution Soccer . This poll will run for 10 days based on the users response . Lets see who wins the battle . Please do participate in it .

Fifa 07 Demo Hands on

Well EA Sports is once again back with there much awaited demo of FIFA 07 . The demo is of around 568 MB in size and after playing it for a couple of days i can say that it is much better than its previous versions . The demo contains 6 teams from around the […]