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Block Sites Appearing In Firefox History with HistoryBlock

HistoryBlock is a Firefox extension that prevents certain domain names from appearing in your browser history. If you want to keep your privacy and does not prefer using the private browsing mode every time, this extension will be very helpful.

Make the Firefox Awesome Bar more Awesome with UrlbarExt

There are a lot of Firefox extensions which makes Firefox more useful and productive. Firefox 3.0 has an “awesome” bar which has a lot of features but you can add more features to it by using UrlbarExt. This extension add 7 buttons to the awesome bar which lets you perform a variety of useful tasks […]

Backup Your Firefox Extension with FEBE

If you use Firefox, then you must be using a lot of extension with it. You would like those extension to be available with you anywhere you work which can be your office PC or any other PC. Firefox Environment Backup Extension or FEBE is a Firefox addon which allows you to quickly take a […]

How To View the Contents of Zip/Rar file before Downloading

Most of the files we download from the Internet are in Zip or Rar format. We wouldn’t like if we download an archive to find that the file we are looking for is not there. And it is also such a waste of Bandwidth and time to download a whole archive just for a single […]

Synchronize Firefox Bookmarks using Foxmarks add-on

If you use Firefox on multiple computers, then this add-on will make your life a lot easier. Foxmarks is a Firefox add-on that synchronizes Firefox between multiple computers. You can install this on many computers and it will easily sync your bookmarks across all.