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Block Sites Appearing In Firefox History with HistoryBlock

HistoryBlock is a Firefox extension that prevents certain domain names from appearing in your browser history. If you want to keep your privacy and does not prefer using the private browsing mode every time, this extension will be very helpful.

Get Weather Information in Firefox and Chrome with ForecastFox

ForecastFox is a free extension for Firefox and Google Chrome that displays the current and upcoming weather information in the browser status bar. This lets you keep track of weather information anywhere in the world from your browser.

View Thumbnails Of Search Results with SearchPreview Firefox Extension

SearchPreview is a Firefox Extension which displays the website snapshots thumbnail while performing search with the Google, Yahoo or Bing search engine. Using this extension, you can get a small snapshot of the website along with the result so that you can get an idea of how the website looks like before actually navigating to […]

Know About Your Personal Browsing Statistics with about:me Firefox Extension

Firefox is one of the most widely used browsers in the world and its support for Extensions gives it a lot of functionality with regard to other browsers. about:me is a Firefox extension that allows you to view your personal browsing statistics with all the results displayed in a single about me type page. It […]

Make Firefox more Effective with SmarterFox

SmarterFox is one of the best addons available for Firefox that can make your Firefox browsing experience much better and more productive. It adds a lot of new functionality which can help in finding and searching for information. It adds a lot of enhancements to Firefox that are available through the right click menu or […]