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Turbanize Yourself

Turbanizer is a tool which helps by allowing anyone in the world to visualize themselves in a turban. What is a Turban ?

[Funny]Look at these Domain Names

Choosing a domain name can be a tough job. But have a look at these ones If you want to find the name of celebrity agents, then Who Represents is a good site . The domain is If you are looking for a Pen, the Pen Island is the best place. The domain is […]

Top 5 Google Keyword Blunders

Recently Matt Jones from Blogging Fingers published an article titled “Top 16 Funniest Referring Keyword Phrases To Blogging Fingers” which made me laugh . This was followed by Garry Connwho went on to start a blog meme “Top google keywords blunders¬† ” so as too cheer up the blogosphere . For the past few days […]

My Desktop

Brown Baron , one of my best friend on the internet has tagged me for the “What’s on your desktop ?” meme . The idea is to see whats on each other’s desktop . So here is my desktop

Little Bit of Humor

We are all familiar with bLaugh , the comic of the blogosphere . The is a nice comic i found today¬† . Continuing this thing , there were a lot of instances in school when i was caught doing some mischief and asked by the teacher to write some lines around 10-100 times on the […]