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Recover lost Game Serials with Game Key Revealer

Game Key Revealer is a small utility that will scan your computer for serial keys of games installed on your computer and will display them. It is particularly useful when you have lost a serial key of a game that you have installed.

Launching – For the Gamers, By The Gamers

Many of you must have wondered why I haven’t written any game reviews in the last few months. Being an avid gamer, I thought a new blog was a better idea to share the gaming information with everyone. And today I am launching my new blog GameBojo which I do hope that gamers will enjoy […]

Nintendo Wii To Launch in India on 30th September

Nintendo will finally launch there two most famous consoles, the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS lite handheld in India on September 30. The consoles will be available in the India through Samurai India, the same company who brought Nintendo games to India in 1987.

Fifa 2009 Demo Out Now

Football Fanatics get ready, Fifa 09 demo for PC, PS3 and XBOX 360 is out now. It was released yesterday and I have already downloaded and played the PC version.

Raptr – A Social Network for Gamers

We have seen a lot of social networks for chatting, dating, making friends, discovering Websites but there was none for gamers. Raptr is new startup that is mainly for gamers. It was formed by Dennis “Thresh” Fong and offers some nice features for gamers.