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Get Gmail Access Offline with Geemail

Google has Google Gears which lets you access your Gmail account offline. However, if you are a fan of Adobe Air, then you will like Geemail, an application that lets you access Gmail on your desktop and also offline.

Gmail gets SMS messaging

Google is adding a lot of new features to Gmail like Gadgets, Emoticons, Canned responses, Mail Googles etc. Google is rolling out a new feature for Gmail which allows you to send SMS from your chat window in the left hand pane. The feature is available through the Gmail Labs and you will have to […]

Google’s Mail Goggles to Prevent Drunk Emailing

If you have a habit of sending email when in drunken state and later regretting about it, then this new Gmail feature is for you. Google has launched a new labs feature for gmail called Mail Goggles which will make you solve a set of math problems before sending a mail to determine if you […]

Gmail becomes more Secure

Google seems to be paying more attention to Gmail security. A few days ago they added an option for remote log off and account tracking. Now they have added a new “Browser Connection” feature which allows users to use the “https” protocol while using there email.

Gmail allows Remote Log Off

Email Security is often our primary concern as our email contains a lot of personals as well as professional information. Our Web based email do give us the advantage of using it from anywhere. But what if we forget to sign out . Sometimes we just close the browser but the session remains open and […]